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    Namaste, welcome to Vinyasa flow yoga with Mayan Patel, A London based yoga teacher emphasizing the union between physical and spiritual practice.

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Mayan Patel - Yoga Teacher

Mayan teaches with a warm, encouraging and down to earth approach. Whilst educated in time-honoured yogic techniques, he holds an open minded and inclusive perspective. His practice is informed by the traditional Ashtanga system as well as somatic and improvised movement practices.

He has been fortunate to train all over the world with a variety of high profile teachers and is RYT200 Yoga Alliance certified. His sessions will both challenge and educate you, whilst guiding you to a sense of release.

Mayan emphasises the transformative tools that Yoga brings. An honesty and ability to observe without judgement. Yoga has helped him step into his body with a whole new sensitivity, vibrancy and intuition.


Slow and mindful vinyasa

Creating a harmony of movement and breathing. Allowing the practice to unfold as a flower opens, naturally and efficiently.

Embodied Practice

Mayan’s teaching focuses on experiencing the body from within. A moving meditation, learning the postures from the inside out rather than fitting into a static shape. Using postures not as a goal but a vehicle to access a deeper internal awareness.

Simplicity & Exploration

Understand the energetics and key structures involved in various postures. Taking time to learn the fundamentals of the practice and finding alignment through exploration and flow. Intelligently challenging but never forcing or pushing.

Contemporary yoga practice translated for modern life.

Prioritising direct experience as a key to realisation. Internally reflecting and learning about oneself through regular practice. Observing our emergent behavior on the mat as an analogy/mirror for life.

Private Sessions

Traditionally yoga is a lineage passed down from teacher to student.

Private yoga goes back to the heart with the goal of personal transformation. A few private yoga classes can teach more than a years classes with personalised attention.

  • 100% designed for you

  • Fully aware of your goals and concerns.

  • Privacy and comfort of your own home

  • Holistic and inclusive experience

New to Yoga?

Rapidly introduce foundation. Build familiarity and ease into the practice.

Direct answers to any questions you have.

Explain yogic concepts and postures as they apply to you, your body, your lifestyle and your experience.

Break down the barrier to entrance and improve skills and knowledge to take group classes with confidence.

Powerful addition to beginning a home practice.

Learn short sequences, relaxation exercises and strength building postures.

Expand your current practice. Take it to the next level

Deconstruct complicated postures and refine foundations.

Work through a plateau.

Assistance developing a self practice.

Understand and feel body mechanics and alignment.

Yoga of the heart, Yoga as the whole experience of being alive.

Hungry for dialogue? The yoga of questioning and your prioritising your own experience.

Specific goals or concerns. Physical, emotional or private

Compliment and balance your body for a sport or physical activity you currently practice.

Yoga therapy - yoga for mobility, weight loss and emotional healing.

Answering your specific needs. Yoga for you. Express any and all concerns.

Learn to modify and adapt postures to experience the full benefits and suit the demands and limitations of your individual body.


For a free 15 minute phone consultation, or simply to find out more information please fill in your contact information below. I'll follow up with you, and we'll talk about your needs and goals, and if we are a good match i'll offer you a custom starter package and discuss the next steps.

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